Cristina visani

Cristina visani

Thickness dependent magnetic anisotropy of ultrathin LCMO epitaxial thin films

High-dose therapy HDT followed by autologous stem cell transplantation ASCT is often the only possibility of cure for most of these patients. Recently, mainly due to the unavailability of carmustine, several novel conditioning protocols have been clinically developed, with the aim of improving the overall outcome by enhancing the anti-lymphoma effect and, at the same time, by reducing short and long-term toxicity.

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Furthermore, the better safety profiles of novel approaches would definitively allow patients aged more than years to benefit from this therapeutic option. Core tip: High-dose therapy HDT followed by autologous stem cell transplantation ASCT is considered the golden standard for the vast majority of patients with both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, who either relapse or never attain a remission.

Up to now, no regimen was demonstrated to be superior to another in randomized trials[ 4 ]. Therefore, novel strategies are urgently required. In this regard, the most important predictive factor is disease status at transplant chemosensitive vs chemoresistant.

Nevertheless, transplant related morbidity and mortality still remain relevant in influencing the outcome of the transplant procedure. Therefore, when planning an autologus transplant, the efficacy of HDT to eradicate residual disease after salvage therapy may be well balanced with toxicity to normal tissues, in order to maximize the probabilities of the procedure of being successful. Despite the efforts made to further increase the therapeutic window of new high-dose regimens, at present we do not have an evidence that clearly demonstrates the superiority of a specific HDT regimen to the others.

The transplant related mortality TRM of the BEAM regimen is quite low, depending mainly on disease status at transplant, infectious history and prior lines of therapy.

Early, non-hematological toxicities of carmustine, such as nausea, vomiting, mucositis, hepatotoxicity, diarrhea and nephrotoxicity are well known, and worldwide Clinicians know how to manage them.

High dose therapy followed by autologous stem cell transplantation in Hodgkin lymphoma. All 45 patients showed engraftment of infused stem cell. Grade 2 and grade 3 mucositis was seen in TRM at d was 2. Median DFS was 20 mo range: mo. However, patients whit chemoresistant disease after salvage therapy have a small probabilities of achieving a long lasting response and a long overall survival. From March to December58 patients with primary refractory or relapsed were enrolled in a phase II study.

At transplantation, 30 patients were in CR, 16 in PR and 12 showed a chemoresistance to salvage chemotherapy. The global ORR was High dose therapy followed by autologous stem cell transplantation in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Nevertheless, reaching of long lasting DFS remains not easy. TRM at day was 2. Median event free survival EFS was In Falzetti et al[ 12 ] reported the results of the TECA thiotepa, etoposide and carboplatin regimen administered to 45 patients with NHL at various disease stage.

TRM was 4. The ORR was Ten patients The mean 5-year OS was Patients received 4 doses of escalating bortezomib 0.

cristina visani

Non-hematologic side effects were comparable to those observed with other regimen, with the relevant exception of an increase in grade III peripheral neuropathy, related to the use of bortezomib, and in grade III gastrointestinal toxicity. The authors performed also an exploratory analysis to determine whether this regimen was more effective in a given histological pattern, finding no statistical difference.Protective zirconia-toughened-alumina films deposited on the uhmwpe insert by the pulsed plasma deposition method: preliminary results.

T1 - Protective zirconia-toughened-alumina films deposited on the uhmwpe insert by the pulsed plasma deposition method: preliminary results. N2 - Introduction Protective hard coatings are appealing for several technological applications and even for orthopaedic implants and prosthetic devices.

For what concerns the application to prosthetic components, coating of the surface of the metallic part with low-friction and low-wear materials has been proposed [1, 2]; at the same time, concerning use of ceramic materials in joint arthroplasty, zirconia-toughned-alumina ZTA ceramic material has shown high strength, fracture toughness, elasticity, hardness, and wear resistance [3, 4].

Preliminary characterization of realized coatings from the point of view of morphology, wettability, adhesion and friction coefficients was performed. Materials and methods PPD technique was used to deposit ZTA coatings; this technique is able to maintain the stoichiometry of the starting target.

Coating-substrate interface quality were investigated by micro-scratch tests.

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Measurement of the contact angle between a drop of 1 ml of ultrapure water and the surface of the sample was performed to estimate the degree of wetting. Results Coatings up to several microns thick have been deposited by PPD. Deposited ZTA films exhibited a smooth nanostructured surface. Mechanical tests showed a well-adherent films were deposited.

In particular, scratch tests assessed a good interface adhesion: first formation of cracking in the coating during testing was reported at about 0. Good average friction coefficient ranging from 0.

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Conclusions The preliminary results of a novel approach aiming to drastically improve the performance of prosthetic couplings by introducing hard ceramic coating was presented.

Showed results suggested the feasibility of pursuing this approach of realizing ZTA coatings by means of PPD technique.

Advancement in high dose therapy and autologous stem cell rescue in lymphoma

Further analyses on mechanical properties, nanoroughness and tribology are ongoing. Well-adherent ZTA films deposited directly on the prosthetic components surface would then allow a drastic improvement of the actual prosthetic behaviour. AB - Introduction Protective hard coatings are appealing for several technological applications and even for orthopaedic implants and prosthetic devices.

Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli. Overview Fingerprint. Abstract Introduction Protective hard coatings are appealing for several technological applications and even for orthopaedic implants and prosthetic devices.Blood ; 22 : Azacitidine AZA is the standard of care of higher-risk myelodysplastic syndromes MDSbut the duration of clinical response is limited, and outcome after AZA failure is dismal.

Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of combining AZA with Lenalidomide LENeither administered concurrently or sequentially, however the optimum dose and schedule for this combination remains unknown.

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The induction treatment was planned for 8 cycles 32 weeks. A sample size of 44 pts was planned. From March44 pts 27 maleswith a median age of 72 yrs were enrolled, from 13 hematologic italian Centers. In 2 pts IPSS risk was Intermediate-1, but they were enrolled because of severe thrombocytopenia and neutropenia, respectively.

In 5 pts The remaining 10 pts 4 in ARM 1 and 6 in ARM 2 are not evaluable for response, as they discontinued treatment before completing the 6 th cycle because of adverse events 6 pts, Treatment was given for a median of 8.

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Pts have been followed for a median of 15 months for all subjects, for a median of 32 months for survivors. The Best Response achieved was: CR: 8 pts The remaining 8 pts showed either Stable Disease SD 6 pts, First Response was detected after a median of 2 cycles.

The median duration of hematologic response was In Median overall survival OS was 15 months. MDS cells showed alterations of the inositide-dependent signalling as well as an altered microRNA profile.

In particular, responder cases showed a frequent downregulation of miR and mir, that were upregulated in non responder cases. Further analyses are ongoing. Moreover, possible relationships with signal transduction pathways and microRNA profile are under evaluation. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Content Menu.

Close Abstract. Article Navigation. This Site. Google Scholar. Maria delle Croci Hospital, Ravenna, Italy. Blood 22 : The magnetic properties of La 0. They maintain the colossal magnetoresistance behavior with a pronounced metal-insulator transition around K, except for the very thinnest films studied 3 nm. Nevertheless, LCMO films as thin as 3 nm remain ferromagnetic, without a decrease in saturation magnetization, indicating an absence of dead-layers, although below approximately 6 nm the films remain insulating at low temperature.

Magnetization hysteresis loops reveal that the magnetic easy axes lie in the plane of the film for thicknesses in the range of nm. Ferromagnetic resonance studies confirm that the easy axes are in-plane, and find a biaxial symmetry in-plane with two, perpendicular easy axes. The directions of the easy axes with respect to the crystallographic directions of the cubic SrTiO 3 substrate differ by 45 deg in 4-and nm-thick LCMO films.

Thickness dependent magnetic anisotropy of ultrathin LCMO epitaxial thin films. N2 - The magnetic properties of La0.

The directions of the easy axes with respect to the crystallographic directions of the cubic SrTiO3 substrate differ by 45 deg in 4-and nm-thick LCMO films. AB - The magnetic properties of La0. Characterization Facility. Overview Fingerprint.

Abstract The magnetic properties of La 0. Access Link to publication in Scopus. Link to citation list in Scopus. Epitaxial films Chemical Compounds.These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days. Citations are the number of other articles citing this article, calculated by Crossref and updated daily. Find more information about Crossref citation counts.

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Coherent and epitaxial interfaces permit the realization of electric field driven devices controlled by atomic-scale structural and electronic effects at interfaces.

Compared to conventional field effect devices where channel conductivity is modulated by carrier density modification, the propagation of atomic-scale distortions across an interface can control the atomic scale bonding, interatomic electron tunneling rates and thus the mobility of the channel material.

Advancement in high dose therapy and autologous stem cell rescue in lymphoma

We use first-principles theory to design an atomically abrupt epitaxial perovskite heterostructure involving an oxide ferroelectric PbZr 0.

Our results describe how purely interfacial effects can be engineered to deliver unique electronic device properties and large responses to external fields. Computational details and calcualtions, substrate modeling, experimental details, device characteristics, and additional figures and references PDF. The American Chemical Society holds a copyright ownership interest in any copyrightable Supporting Information. Files available from the ACS website may be downloaded for personal use only. Users are not otherwise permitted to reproduce, republish, redistribute, or sell any Supporting Information from the ACS website, either in whole or in part, in either machine-readable form or any other form without permission from the American Chemical Society.

For permission to reproduce, republish and redistribute this material, requesters must process their own requests via the RightsLink permission system. View Author Information. Cite this: Nano Lett. Article Views Altmetric. Citations 4. Supporting Information. Cited By. This article is cited by 4 publications. Broadened temperature range of high-performance in 0. Materials Chemistry and Physics, Espinal, S.

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Alpay, M. Howard, B. Journal of Applied Physics6 Rouco, Qiao Qiao, A.

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Sander, M. Bernard, J. Trastoy, A. Crassous, E.National Museum of Romanian History. San Diego, CA.

cristina visani

Cristina Visan is 45 years old. She lives in San Diego, CA. Christina Visan is in Cristina family. Cristina L Visan, age 40 Background Check. Cristina Visan. We Found Cristina Visan. Cristina Visan - cristina. Visan Cristina - visan. Cristina Visan - cristinavisan1. Visan Cristina - VisanCristina6.

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cristina visani

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