Pallet scale

Pallet scale

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pallet scale

Orders requiring credit information might take additional time. Enter zip code for delivery date estimate. Shipping to change. Add all 3 to cart for: Capacity 27 x 48 Forks. If you have any further questions, please call 1. Thank you for your interest in our products! Hi Michael, The display should stay powered on while making the transition from AC power plug in the wall to the DC power battery power.

pallet scale

If you have any additional questions, please call - 1. From what I'm reading, it looks like this can be completely run off of 3 AAA batteries? Is that correct? This product has a month manufacturer's limited warranty for parts and a month manufacturer's limited warranty for labor. Protect your purchase beyond the manufacturer's limited warranty.

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You have product s in your shopping cart. Saved Shopping List. New Shopping List. Stock up on the Hand Sanitizers you need. Shop our MEGA sale today. Offer applied at checkout. Return to Category List. Capacity Item : WB Enter zip code for delivery date estimate Shipping to change. Important mo. Scales includes instructions for calibration with corresponding indicator.

RS serial port connectivity. Models include 9'10" interface cable and 5' AC adapter. Includes calibration instructions.Our floor and pallet scales are built to stand up under the most demanding industrial uses.

Baykon - BU Pallet Scales - With Lifting Application

All are constructed with high-grade carbon or stainless steel and include a low profile deck for loading heavy materials. With capacities up to 40, pounds, there is an industrial floor scale or pallet scale that is perfect for your needs. Floor scales come in many sizes, capacities, colors and configurations such as stainless steel and lift deck models for sanitary wash down applications and low profile designs as drum scale.

Floor scales are also the basis of design for wheelchair scales used for patients in the medical industry. These scales can be set and used on an existing surface or they can be pit mounted to eliminate tripping hazards. Download a brochure to learn more. Do you have a question? For more information about truck scales for sale or rent, scale calibration or other services, fill out the form and a Southwestern Scale representative will contact you shortly.

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Call an expert today at Industrial Floor Scales. Durable and reliable Weight only programmable full-featured models Programming packages Weighing management software Add the S PC software adaptor for seamless transaction data management Ticket and receipt printer.

Industry Applications.

Pallet Jack with Weighing Scale

Lift truck fork pockets Integrated in scale weighbridge Remote summing box and board Wheeled portability frame Portability frame with fork pockets Free standing indicator column Indicator column attached to scale Smooth deck plate Galvanizing Custom color Side access summing box Mounting holes or studs for field mounted equipment SS load cells.

More About Industrial Floor Scales. Company Name. Your Message.Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Choose Options Compare. Quick view. Choose Options Compare Quick view. It is highly accurate, heavy duty, and capable of handling up to 5,lb Add to Cart Compare. Want to save precious Add to Cart Compare Quick view. The PSF 4x4 is ideal for industrial or shipping use.

It also features rechargeable battery and RS output Weight capacity is as high as 10,lbs and it is accurate to 1lb. Brand new and heavy duty 10klbs Platform pallet floor scale with Ramp and Indicator Ideal for getting shipping weight for your pallets so you don get hit with re-weigh charges from your freight companies.

Pallet Scales For Industrial Applications

Features a durable heavy duty Full It is an NTEP approved, legal for trade, professional grade floor scale. This highly accurate, heavy duty scale is capable of handling up to 10,lb This highly accurate, heavy duty scale is capable of handling up to 5,lb loads within 1lb This highly accurate, heavy duty scale is capable of handling up to pound loads within Legal for trade, this professional grade floor scale is ideal for industrial or shipping use. It is highly accurate, heavy duty, and capable of handling up to — pound loads.

It is ideal for recycling centers. It is one of the most popular floor scalesDisclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you click on a product and make a purchase, we may earn a commission — learn more. A pallet truck with digital weighing scale is an industrial tool to lift and move around heavy loads on pallets and weigh them directly on the go. There is no need to weigh your pallets separately on a static platform scale. A manual or electric pump truck is an ideal solution to transit and weigh cardboard bales or scrap metal at your facility.

Not sure which product suits your needs best? Do you want personal advice and recommendations from our team of specialists? Inform us about your needs and we contact you free of charge. I need advice. Check Price.

The DoubleWin pallet truck comes with a built-in printer and has a heavy-duty construction. The hand pallet jack is easy to pump and operate. The scale contains four weighing cells and the display is well protected. The TPR is a fast and easy to use hand pallet truck for instant weighing. The white LCD display is backlit. Download Top 10 PDF. Pallet scale trucks are multi functional pump trucks for industrial use. The difference with a standard pump truck is that a scale pallet truck can weigh lifted pallets with an internal digital weighing scale.

The pallet truck can also be equipped with an optional printer to print out a label with the calculated data. When using a pallet truck with onboard weighing scale you can easily confirm the weight of the load as you are handling it. This is how it works:.

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What is the price difference when comparing a standard pallet truck with a pallet truck with a weighing scale? The price of a pallet truck depends on various aspects, such as lift capacity, manufacturer, build material and features. Generally, a pallet truck with scale is more expensive than a standard pallet truck in the same class.

A weighing pallet truck is a great tool to transit heavy loaded pallets around through the aisles of your warehouse and through limited space environments.Once you determine your scale needs calibration, adjustment, repair or any services, you can reach out to a qualified professional at Precision Solutions, Inc.

Contact Us Today! First of all, you want to make sure you are starting with a high-quality pallet scale that functions properly. If your scale is of poor quality, or not the right fit for your weighing application, even if you properly calibrate it, it will quickly drift and you will end up with inaccurate measurements and having to repeatedly adjust and recalibrate the scale.

Not Reading Weight: If you have weight on the scale but it is giving a reading of zero, you may need to adjust or repair the scale. Some ways to troubleshoot this issue are:.

Reading Fluctuates: You have weight on the scale, but the reading never settles down to a consistent number, jumping back and forth. If you experience this issue, your scale most likely needs service, repair or adjustment.

Professionals can help you determine the issue and decide whether the scale needs calibration once it works properly again. Some ways to troubleshoot this problem are:. Different Areas of the Platform Produce Different Readings: Depending on where you place the weight, you get a different measurement. If you have any of the above problems and the troubleshooting steps do not work, it might be time to discuss the issue with a professional like Precision Solutions, Inc.

Our experienced technicians will make a site visit and help you reliably troubleshoot and determine the issue. We work with all manner of scales in a broad range of industries, from healthcare and warehousing to meat processing and more.

You will get an accurately calibrated scale that you can rely on every time. To learn more or for a free quote on calibration services, just give us a call at or contact us online today.

We look forward to helping you with all your floor scale, pallet scale and other scale calibration needs. Click to Call Contact Us. Floor Scale Repair, Adjustment and Calibration Procedure First of all, you want to make sure you are starting with a high-quality pallet scale that functions properly. The first step is to make sure you actually need to calibrate your floor scale. Indicators that you may need service, repair or adjustment for your floor scale: 1.

Some ways to troubleshoot this issue are: Make sure all the supports of the scale are in direct and solid contact with the floor and that the scale is level. Make sure you have removed all the shipping screws from the platform. Make sure the feet are screwed in properly and not screwed in too high where a stud may be blocking the load sensor from flexing.

Some ways to troubleshoot this problem are: Make sure the scale is not on a vibrating surface or being buffeted by winds. Make sure the scale is plugged in with a clean power source. Make sure any devices that might cause RF interference, like two-way radios or heavy industrial electric motors, are not interfering with the scale. Make sure no pins are missing from the load cell cable. Make sure you did not screw in one of the feet so tightly that it prevents the load sensor from flexing.

Make sure all feet are on the floor. Make sure nothing is interfering with the platform. Professional Floor Scale Calibration, Adjustment and Service in Eastern PA and New Jersey If you have any of the above problems and the troubleshooting steps do not work, it might be time to discuss the issue with a professional like Precision Solutions, Inc. Contact Us.See Ramp. Product Information. Call us on Fax: A. Steele scalesless. Home Login. Wheel Chair Scales.

Optima Scales also available with a optional Pit frame so you can Recess your Rugged scale.

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They are also Available in a stainless steel housing for long lasting durability. Available capacities range from 5, to 20, If you dont see what you need please call use as we have many resources at our disposal. So if you don't have a forklift or loading dock, you will need this service.

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Please Provide Phone Number. Weight indicator has easy to read LCD display. Weight indicator comes with a 15 foot quick release cable, which adds to versatility and ease of use. Designed to resist moisture and provide years of accurate service. Ramp 48"W x 40"L None Ramp 48"w x 40"l.

Capacity 10K x 2 lbs 5K x 1 lbs 2. Indicator includes a DC adaptor as well as a vehicle adaptor, so this pallet jack scale can be used anywhere. Its capacity is Lbs, and it is accurate to within one pound of the actual weight. Additional features include the following: Four high quality waterproof load cells ensure that the unit is completely accurate within its full load range. Design to be washable and cleaned without worrying about damaging the scale.

How to Troubleshoot Pallet Scales and Other Floor Scales

Large deck measures 4 x 4 ideal for standard pallets. The scale has a large 4'x4' platform. It can weigh up to lb with an accuracy of 1 lb. The weight indicator can be placed in a ft. Thanks to the fact that it is a and RF wireless technology the scales remote operation is not direction dependent. As an example of how easy it makes things visualize the fact that a fork lift operator can lift, weigh and record the weight of a pallet while being seated in driving seat of the fork lift. The wireless scale is designed for low running costs with rechargeable batteries provided with both the transmitter and the indicator.

They are housed in a sturdy housing so that they are adequately protected. They can be mounted very easily even in odd positions thanks to the magnetic mounting system. Wireless floor scales have no messy wires and stoppages due to a broken cable will be a thing of the past. It is a truly worry free hassle free scale.

Everyone can now have highly efficient weighing processes that are also problem free. They ensure accurate results in the entire capacity range of the scale. The size is a standard 4' x 4'. It has a high quality painted plate which is 0.Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Customer Care. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers.

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pallet scale

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